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3rd Grade Math - During the third grade most kids have mastered basic math skills, and are now moving towards more complex problems. During this year students will slowly transition from mastering the basics to learning and developing new skills. As we know math is a complicated and vast field, your child should have all the help they can get. Which is why we have broken down all that they are taught during this grade, and categorized them according to genre. This way your child will not be crushed with all the weight at once, they can go step by step and clear the last concept before learning a new one. This year, their foundation in math will be needed more than ever, and it will depend highly on how they perform. Based on the skills and techniques most kids in this grade are familiar with, we have developed a few basic quizzes, puzzles, games, worksheets, etc. These will not only help them learn new concepts, it will help them polish their old ones. With our easy to learn approach kids will feel more like they are playing rather than learning, which is w great and easy way to teach kids various skills. The curriculum followed in schools is set and maintained keeping in mind high standards of education. Whereas, our main aim is to simplify concepts as much as we can, so we can teach them in a fun and easy to learn manner. This is why with our help, your child can excel in math in no time. As we will be teaching the same curriculum taught in schools, but with a bit more different approach. We aim to attract kids with our easy to learn methods, so they will be more willing to learn even the most complex of problems according to their age.