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Math Games

Math games for kids to improve math skills.

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Board Games

Math Board Games

Math board games to play in classroom.

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7th Grade Math - this year students will drop the basic concepts and dive into more complex concepts, skills, and problem solving. In the 7th grade math is taken up a notch, there is no need to panic as this is all you have covered in previous grades, but now you will be moving from their basic concepts to the real deal. We have listed all the branches of mathematics you will be dealing with in the 7th grade, and how deep you will be learning the concepts. We have everything you are required to cover this year and school, and we have listed each and every concept down for you. Keeping in mind every child is different when it comes to math concepts, if your child is struggling with some concepts, it will be smarter to take them to the basics of that concept. Solving problems a grade down will, help them get their concepts in line, and give them more confidence to tackle more complex problems. There is no need to push yourself, as math is such a subject that can only be understood when you are clear on the basic concepts. Which is why we focus more on clearing your concepts. With the various activities we have to offer, we focus on the student's learning process. With the help of graphics, children tend to learn and understand complex matters better. This is something we have built our entire concept on, and this concept will help us to help hundreds of students around the world. With our easy to learn concepts, students will be excelling in skills, concepts, and complex problem solving areas easily. By making math a fun and easy to learn process, we have taken out the complexity from math. Now, students can use the various platforms we have to offer to polish their skills in various branches of maths covered in the 7th grade.