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6th Grade Math - when students begin 6th grade, in a way they will step into a whole new world of math, which is built on the same concepts they have learned throughout their lives. Many children will feel under pressure due to the size of the new math textbook, and by reading complex terms. In order to help students, we have compiled all the skills, techniques, and factors that are taught in the 6th grade. Then we divided them according to category, and placed them in different levels. This way, when children come to learn, they will see an easy approach and methods they can use to solve these complex problems. We have designed concepts using various fun tasks, which will keep the students interested to learn more. As it is essential to grab their attention, so we can transfer the concepts to their brain. Our techniques have the ability to grab their attention, and keep them interested. We have designed our system in a special way, our way students do not take this as another math lesson; they take this as a time to solve puzzles, or play games. Which is exactly why it works well, we have used no complex terms; and when we do we make sure to explain them thoroughly. So when kids learn maths thinking they are playing video games, or solving a complex puzzle they will actually be learning concepts that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. With our clear concepts we are sure we will be able to teach kids math in a way, that they will develop an interest in the subject. It is all related to having fun, and finding the concept easy; as kids are more inclined towards subjects they are good at, and feel the learning experience is fun not dull.