1st grade adding doubles math game

1st grade adding doubles math game, learn how to add numbers which are equivalent to multiplying a number by two. For example 4 + 4 is same like 4 x 2.

Interactive online snakes and ladders game � This is a fun game in which students will learn how to add numbers twice e.g. 8 + 8. The outcome of such addition problems are even numbers. This game quiz will aid parents and teachers who need to guide their kids to grasp the notion of addition. Feedback is instant and conjectural upon completing an activity. This activity can be played on PC as well as on mobile devices. It can also be used in a classroom setting by teachers as a means of energizing their math class. The concept behind this quiz is the snakes and ladders game. As you play, you have a chance to roll the dice and advance. If you fail you will be swallowed by a snake back to the starting point. This activity is for kids in 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades.