1st grade number lines game

1st grade number lines game - Number lines show a sequence of numbers progressing right or left. When numbers progress to the left they decrease but when they do to the right, they increase. In this math game, a series of numbers are listed and students have to find the missing number on the number line. It is a multiple choice questions math quiz. It is also a snakes and ladders board game. Avoid the snakes to win but remember the decision is not yours. Your movements will be dictated by a dice. Students need to roll the dice and find the next number on the sequence. This game will serve teachers of students in 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades that are in search for extra materials to energize their class. It will also make teaching math to kids less boring and much fun. Being interactive and always online, students can have fun learning wherever they are, at home or in the classroom.