4th grade addition 5 digits Spin the wheel game

4th grade addition 5 digits Spin the wheel game - Learn how to add numbers than contain 5 digits. An example of such a number is 23,456. These numbers contain digits that go up to the ten thousands place. Adding large numbers of the sort sometimes require students to carry or regroup numbers across different places. There is more practice with addition of five digit numbers under the quizzes and worksheets section. Students can get more offline practice using the printable materials offered on the site. On the fun side, this math game is a spin the wheel fun game. Students can hit the start button and start reviewing with the questions that pop up. If you get the answer correctly each time, you get a chance to spin the wheel and earn points otherwise you lose points and move on to solve more problems. This game is for students in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grades.