4th grade solve for variables scientist game

4th grade solve for variables scientist game - This is an interactive online fun math game in which students will solve for variables. Solving and finding unknown variables in a linear equation falls in line with algebra and pre-algebra studied at this level. At each stage, a problem is solved and the variable is made the subject of the formula. Pre-algebra is usually math that integrates letters and numbers in an equation. Usually the task is to find the value of the unknown number that is usually represented by a letter. Solving linear equations is a skill that will later serve in finding the points of a graph in x,y coordinates. The activity is in the form of an interactive online math quiz, hence students will solve several problems and obtain their score at the end of the game. This can also be used to test the ability of students in solving linear equations prior to an actual test or homework. This game is for students in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grades.