5th grade division of fractions Fishing game

5th grade division of fractions Fishing game - Fractions contain a numerator at the top and a denominator at the bottom. Students are required in this game to divide two fraction values. Dividing fractions is a bit tricky but if you follow the rules of doing do, it becomes easy. To divide fractions, students take the second fraction, inverse the denominator and the numerator´┐Żs positions, then simply multiply both fractions. Multiplication of two fractions is much easier since it can be done directly i.e. numerator multiplied by numerator and same for the denominators. At the end of the process, the values can be reduced to the lowest terms. This is done by dividing by common factors until the remaining numbers on to and at the bottom have no common factors. This is an interactive fun fishing math game online. Kids will learn while playing a game online. The game is for 4th, 5th and 6th graders.