5th grade finding equivalent fractions Monster board game

5th grade finding equivalent fractions Monster board game - Equivalence makes reference to equal items. In an equation, if both sides contain expressions that amount to the same, they are referred to as being equivalent. In the current game, students will learn about equivalent fractions. Such fractions have numerators and denominators that are different; however, if fractions are reduced to their lowest terms, if they are equivalent, the values will always be the same. When two fractions that are equivalent are converted to decimals or percents, the values are always the same. In this monster board game, there are two fractions on opposing sides of an equation. One is missing a number to make it equivalent to the other; this is either the numerator or denominator. Students will find the number that makes both fractions equivalent. This math fun game is for students in 4th, 5th and 6th grades to use for review while at home or in school.