5th grade subtraction with fractions Fishing game

5th grade subtraction with fractions Fishing game - This game entails the subtraction of two fractions. In order to subtract two fractions, students have to first find the LCM of the two denominators. The number is placed below a line that is ruled below both fractions. That LCM is divided by both denominators and both multiplied by their numerators respectively. Then the product of the process is now subtracted and placed over the LCM. You can go forward to reduce the outcome to the lowest terms based on the lessons learned earlier. This is a math fun game dealing with a fishing activity. Students will be brought into the virtual world of fishing through this game. The object however is to learn subtraction of fractions and this objective will be met through the multiple choice questions quiz that goes alongside the game. This math fun game is for 4th, 5th and 6th grade.