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Pre-K math - here we have a collection of the maths skills students should learn Pre-Kindergarten, we have organized these skills into various categories, and you can click on the skill you wish your child to work on. Studies have shown that teaching children basic math skills at such an age can help lay a foundation for a positive math aptitude. This foundation can help develop a willingness to tackle advanced math concepts, and those too with confidence. We aim to make our teaching concepts fun and accessible to each child. Our method makes sure we do not conflict with your children’s school education, as this is an online platform and is available to children worldwide. With our help your children can excel in his/ her Kindergarten entrance exam in math, and help them polish their basic pre-Kindergarten skills. We will capitalize young students energy and excitement, and gently push them towards using this energy and excitement towards various aspects of maths. We have broken down the maths skills you child will be learning in various categories, so it is easy for them to take it step by step. Children in Pre-Kindergarten are at an age where they prefer to play more than learn, they are curious by nature, and if you push this curiosity towards maths they will benefit from it their entire lives. It is essential to give these children a friendly learning environment and their curious nature will lead them towards learning. Keeping your kids age in mind, we have designed worksheets, games, puzzles, and other various learning methods exactly to their needs. We have taken simple math and turned it into a fun task that students will love. Keep in mind that kids of this age will need someone to guide them through the process, just in the beginning.