4th grade Decimals Math Quiz

4th grade Decimals Math Quiz Online - When you look at the odometer of a car which is used to check its mileage, the dial represents mileage in the form of decimals. Similarly, decimals are used when dealing with money on daily basis and for purchasing products which contain price tag in the form of decimals and so on. In the light of the examples mentioned above, it is clear that decimals are of quite significance in human life. To equip kids with the concept of decimals from their foundation years, this test has been designed for the kids of grade 4 to help them understand the concept of decimals on a broader level. This test comprises of different decision questions, which have a predefined example and children should distinguish the given example among the alternatives. Containing a picture of a pie chart, children are prompted to answer the correct option among the available ones. Identify decimals from shapes, convert fractions to decimals, round up decimals to nearest whole numbers, subtraction, multiplication and division of decimals and more.