Kindergarten Telling Time Math Quiz

Kindergarten Telling Time Math Quiz - The importance of time in human life in un-deniable. Time has been counted since the dawn of time. Ancient humans used big sun dials to keep track of the time of the day. In the modern times, a watch is the ideal replacement for time keeping. Knowing how to see time is a fundamental skill that almost every other person has. In order to teach the kids, to see the time properly on the clock, this quiz is designed to test the skills of kids who are currently learning how to see time on a watch. Containing an animated clock and multiple options for kids to choose form, this quiz is ideal for kids to decide what time it is. Teach kindergarteners to tell time on fun clock faces, one o'clock, 2 o'clock, 3 o'clock etc. Also learn about A.M. and P.M.